Tourists staying at the famed skid row Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles this week said the water coming from the tap in their room was discolored and had a funny taste.  Guests also complained of low water pressure.  Upon investigation on Wednesday, employees discovered the body of a decomposing female inside the hotel’s water tank, which supplied ’clean’ water to guests and employees.  It's estimated that the body of a 21-year-old Canadian female had been inside the tank for at least two weeks, according to authorities.  Police say, Elisa Lam had been reported missing since January 31st, when she was last seen at the hotel.  Detectives are now investigating the suspicious death of the woman and CNN reports that health officials are now testing the water to determine if the tainted water presented any health risks to those who consumed it.  The hotel has remained open but guests have been told not to bathe in the water or consume it.