Can you imagine if someone built a house out of beer cans? Well, here's what it would look like.

Jeff Lebo has used his collection, 83,000 different beer cans from around the world, to literally line the walls of a home...everything from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, you name it. The home also has old tin signs and a few bottles, but mostly its cans.


"We were using the house to store the cans and thought, why don't we use it as an inn,'' Lebo says.

It's called the Brewhouse Mountain Eco-Inn, located in New Haven, Pennsylvania (not far from Harrisburg)

And, he's got several items from Utica!

  • Who shot J.R. can -check
  • Billy Beer can - check
  • Utica Club - check (In fact, he says he has 35 different Utica Club cans)

''I actually was in Utica last July for a concert. It was totally rockin' the day I was there.''

If you're interested, you CAN rent the whole place for $379 a night - with room for about 10 people - or rent one room for $75 a night, he says. (more photos at