A tie in the NFL is pretty uncommon, but will they become more frequent with the NFL's new overtime format?

Sunday's 26-26 tie between the Packers and Vikings was only the 19th in the league since 1974, but the second in the last two seasons since the OT rules were altered in 2012.

In years past, the game would have ended with Green Bay's field goal on its first possession of the extra period. But, the sudden death scoring rule doesn't apply in overtime unless there is a touchdown or each team's offense has had a possession.

Minnesota mounted a drive of its own, answering with a field goal but leaving under four minutes remaining in the game. From there, neither team was able to score.

Last year, the 49ers and Rams played to a 24-24 tie, the first since 2008. However, it's worth noting that the St. Louis- San Francisco game last year was a scoreless overtime, so the new rules regarding sudden death did not effect the outcome.