The husband of a former Utica Council candidate is expected to call for the resignation of a member of the Utica Common Council later today on the grounds that he has information that the Councilman and the candidate had a torrid affair.

A campaign along with a website containing copies oftext messages, has been posted online in the interest of providing the public with "information."  The press release alleges an "abuse of power."

But is this information designed to enhance the public good or is it the airing of dirty laundry?

In the press release, a copy of which has been posted online but not yet disseminated as of this writing, the author asks for "...Utica Police and Mayor Palmieri to assure him that his safety will be protected from any retribution. In the meantime, (the author) feels going public was his best protection in the event anything should happen to him or his family. He has created a distribute this information and advocate for [the Councilman's] resignation."

If the allegations are true do they constitute an abuse of power?  When is it politics and when is it personal?

Just as important, if everyone who is having marital difficulties decides to call a press conference is this the best use of the press' time?  Do "news" stories such as these sully politics?