Utica, NY (WIBX) - "I come here as a citizen, not as an expert in hydrofracking" - the words of  Orin Dominico, an invited guest offering insight to the group of elected officials. Last night, the Utica Common Council listened to City residents opposed to Hydrofracking.

South Utica resident Patricia Powers thinks it's all too dangerous, "please don't be decieved by lies and junk science that says this a safe practice - it's not", reading aloud from a prepared statement urging them to"act now".

Local business owner and city resident Orin Dominico added that this kind of energy business threatens to ruin our water supply, "They said it was safe to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. They said it was safe to run atomic energy in Japan. The will tell you it's safe to hydrofrack- it isn't."

Common Council President William Morehouse says council action is anticipated, "It's going to come down to local municipalities, we're going to have control and there's going to be a lot of money involved". Morehouse went on to say that "often times, money dictates some of these things, in this case, it's just a bad idea".

 Earlier this month, State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli outlined legislation for the creation of a hydrofracking fund. This fund would cover the costs associated with natural disasters and other accidents related to hydrofracking; the money for this fund would come  from the hydrofracking industry.