Marcy, NY (WIBX) - In the wake of Hurricane Sandy gas rationing is a reality for many looking to fill up their tanks, or attempt to fill up their tanks.  Parts of New York and New Jersey have imposed odd-even restrictions to mitigate long lines and tempers.

License plates ending in odd numbers can fill up on odd numbered days; those ending in even numbers on even-numbered days.  But what happens if you have a vanity plate or if it ends in letters?  You, or rather your license plate, are then considered "odd."

For obvious reasons the temporary restrictions do not apply to emergency vehicles.  Nor do they apply to commercial or livery vehicles.  And, if you have a hand-held gas container, you can fill up on any day.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

According to the American Automobile Association a total of 57 gas terminals were in the path of Hurricane Sandy, forcing a shut down of many of those charged with delivering fuel to stations in those areas hit by the storm.

Although they are recovering, rationing is expected to continue until the majority of fuel stations reopen.