You may find yourself on a plane this summer for vacation and you now have 10 less things to worry about, according to The Huffington Post, which has compiled a list of the 10 most commonly believed myths about airplanes.

The Captain has turned off the 'myth light' so we are now free to move the truth about the cabin!

  • Airlines Dump Waste In-Flight - Aircraft waste is stored in a holding tank until landing, and it’s not possible for airplane crew to dump waste in-flight. Blue tinged waste from the sky most likely comes from birds who defecate after eating blueberries.
  • Personal Electronics Make Planes Crash - There’s no real evidence that electronics pose a safety hazard during flight; pilots are even allowed to bring iPads into the cockpit.
  • Recirculated Air Makes You Sick - The air inside the cabin is pressurized fresh air that has been filtered to remove more than 99 percent of bacteria and viruses.
  • Airplane Food Tastes Bad - A University of Manchester study found that background noise (which is constant on airplanes) can distract eaters and change their perceptions of how the food tastes.
  • You Can Open the Aircraft Doors In-Flight - It is physically impossible for a person to pry open an airplane door when the cabin is pressurized, because the difference in air pressure is too great.
  • Brace-Position Conspiracies - By placing your head on the seat in front of you, you will significantly reduce the risk of head trauma in a crash. In the event that your plane is crash landing, it will be far safer to ignore the conspiracy theorists!
  • Autopilot (Not Pilots) Fly Planes These Days - Autopilot is rarely used during takeoff and landing. It’s primarily used when the plane is cruising.
  • You Can Get Stuck to the Airplane Toilet - The person sitting would have to create an airtight seal around the toilet, and even if that did happen, as soon as the toilet stopped flushing, the seal would be broken.
  • You Get Drunk More Quickly on a Plane - Both alcohol and air travel can dehydrate you, so your hangover may be worse after a few drinks in the sky than a few at the bar.
  • The Oxygen in Masks Gets You High - The truth is that oxygen masks are there so that you can breathe in the event that the cabin pressure is lost. Oxygen won’t get you high.