Herkimer, NY (WIBX) - Voting took place right up to the wire and came down to about two hundred votes.  In the end Ilion and Mohawk voted to merge their school districts and Herkimer voted to reject it.

In the three districts more than 6,100 people turned out to vote.  The debate leading up to the vote became highly personal at times, dividing members of the community as both sides remained passionate about their cause.

Ilion passed the measure 1,260 to 788.  Mohawk passed it by 2,024 to 537 .  The merger was defeated in Herkimer with 1,346 against it and 1,174 for it.  This is the third time that residents in Ilion and Mohawk have given the thumbs up to the proposed merger and may choose to proceed without Herkimer.  Legally, any changes would take effect next year.

The vote was so close in Herkimer that proponents say they will continue to work toward a merger in the future.  Some opponents of the merger are saying that they are breathing a temporary sigh of relief, knowing that the vote was close and the issue will be presented again in the future.