One of the school board members for the new Ilion-Mohawk merger says they're already off to a great start.

Vicky Judd previously served on the Mohawk school board, and was elected this week to a three year term on the newly formed board.

''We are starting today with a great team around us. The communities have already started with the transition team, with the kids. We're off to a great start.''

The district will be called the Ilion-Mohawk Central School district with colors and mascot to be voted on by the students.

Other priorities that need immediate attention: Transportation, security, extra curriculars.

''This is our chance to do this right and we have a lot of people stepping up from the community to help,'' Judd said.

''My youngest is four, so I'm planning long term.''

''I think if we stick to the plan that CAC (community advisory committee) and the administrators worked on, we should be in good shape,'' she said.