Ilion, NY (WIBX) - The Ilion and Mohawk School Districts are continuing with their proposed school merger, as they pursue special legislation to offer voters another referendum.

According to Ilion Superintendent, Cosimo Tangorra, the original plan in August of 2009 involved Mohawk and Ilion, but soon after Herkimer and Frankfort were also added.

But, voters in the two added districts rejected the merger, leaving the project back at square one.

"Had Ilion and Mohawk said to Frankfort and Herkimer, 'No, we're just going to move forward with our study," it's very likely that we would be in our second year right now as a reorganized district," Tangorra said.

Tangorra says working with the other districts was the "right thing to do," but now Ilion and Mohawk have to move forward. He says the setbacks have already proved costly.

"You know, Ilion and Mohawk both made cuts to their budget this year that they wouldn't have had to make otherwise," Tangorra said. "Both of us have had to dip into our reserves and to really dangerous levels."

Tentatively, he says a referendum could be offered as early as February, with the merger taking place on July 1st of 2013.