Some are arguing that the man accused of planning the 9-11 attacks has now had a change of heart.

A man with dozens of aliases, Khalid Sheik Mohammed (Khalid Shaikh Mohammed) has been held at Guantanamo Bay after being captured in 2003, charged with leading al-Qaeda operations under Osama bin Laden.  Under torture he is said to have confessed to planning, or helping to plan, many acts of terrorism from the World Trade Center bombing to the killing of the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Pearl.

After years of what can only be called bragging about his terroristic exploits, in the 36-page manifesto he suggests that Muslims not use violence to spread Islam.  Instead he attempts to convert his captors through peace, which he now says provides the "real road to happiness."

The document is being released as the first of what he says will be three installments.