by Bill Keeler

My parents were great at telling me and my brothers things that, as the years have gone by, have turned out to be a little untrue.

Take, for instance, the law that prohibits a person from driving a car barefoot or with flip flops.  I can remember walking out to my 1970 Delta 88 and having my mother call me back into the house because I was wearing flip flops.

"You'll get a ticket if you're not wearing shoes," she yelled from the window.  I respectfully came back into the house and put on sneakers.

I also believed her.

The fact is, according to, New York State does not have a law that requires a person to wear shoes while driving.  Flip flops, boots, high heels, socks, crocs, slippers, sandals, stocking feet and yes, bare feet are all acceptable for drivers.   Furthermore, there are no states in America that actually prohibit driving barefoot according to the research group; however, in Alabama, motorcyclists must wear shoes.  Ohio law states that barefoot driving is not against the law, but it's not recommended.

It seems that my parents weren't the only ones to spread the falsity.  The rumor has gained such momentum over the years, all fifty states and the District of Columbia actually refer to the legality of driving barefoot, in an obvious effort to clarify the misconception.