It appears Jacoby Ellsbury is following the footsteps of another ex-Boston center fielder - Johnny Damon - and leaving the Red Sox for the rival Yankees.

Multiple reports, including the Boston Globe, have the 30 year old Ellsbury heading to the Bronx on a seven year, $153 million deal.

If true, you know the Sox' faithful will be labeling Ellsbury a traitor, and of course many remember this has been done before.

After hitting a crucial grand slam against the pinstripes in Game 7 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, Damon and the Red Sox won a World Series crown only to have Damon sprint to the Yanks in a free agency a year later.

Similar story here, minus the ALCS Game 7 heroics to sink the arch enemy.

In this day of free agency in sports, it is pretty common for players to wear the cap of several different teams - including franchise rivals. But, it seems the Damon and Ellsbury cases are different in that they were both such integral parts of the Red Sox, helped the club win a World Series then left for the Bronx.

Funniest line I've heard so far: Ellsbury Dough Boy!

Johnny Damon's ALCS Game 7 Grand Slam vs. Yankees