Actor, author, former professional wrestler and past Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is never at a loss for words and WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning was fortunate to get the Governor on just shortly after word that the NSA maybe have adopted a practice of frequent violations of our most basic rights of privacy, and more.

Ventura was also on to promote his new book, ''Democrips and Rebloodlicans, No More Gangs In Government''.

''They've been in charge for over 150 years and look what a mess we're in,'' Ventura said.

And, Ventura said he's more than willing to run for President of the United States, but on one certain condition: only if it's a true grassroots effort, saying that would ensure there is no political favoritism and repayment needed down the road. However, he says finding away into the national candidate debates is key, saying no candidate could win without that kind of exposure.

Highlights of the interview:

  • ''This Patriot Act just assaults the Bill of Rights, and we allowed it to happen'', saying it actually stems back to the Bush Administration when Republicans ran the congress
  • ''Ben Franklin said 'those that will give up their liberty for security, will have and deserve neither'... The only way the government can truly make us safe is by putting us under martial law'', Ventura said.
  • Why do terrorists hate the United States? Ventura said he knows why. ''Because our military doesn't fight for the people of America anymore, they fight for the corporations. Read the work of General Smedley Butler, who won two congressional medals of honor. He said 'I didn't serve the American people, I served the United Food Corporation'....the military isn't there to protect us, they're there to protect international corporate interests. There's a great gas line they built over in Afghanistan, that's what they're over there protecting.''
  • On the NY SAFE Act, Ventura said the second amendment isn't about hunting and fishing.
  • Every place where genocide happens is a place where people don't have guns to protect themselves, Ventura said. ''I'm not advocating we all run around like its the wild west....but, people are blaming the tool. How many people die of drunk driving every year?''...our response to that problem isn't outlawing Ford's, he said.
  • Abolish political parties and Ventura will run for President -  ''I would offer the people an opportunity to elect the first President since George Washington - the father of our country - who does not belong to a political party, who is not owned by special interests and corporate interests. They've turned our system of government into a system of bribery.''
  • Getting back to topic of terrorism, Ventura said the US's foreign policy, especially as it relates to Cuba, is terrorism. ''End the embargo on Cuba...We've blown up ships in their harbor, we've attempted to kill their President, we've tried to ruin them economically. People need to understand our foreign policy is terrorism.. Maybe that's why these other countries and these terrorists don't like us very much,'' Ventura said.

Listen to the full interview with from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: