Greensboro, NC (WIBX) - Attorneys representing former presidential candidate John Edwards are asking the judge in his campaign finance trial to declare a mistrial. The jury announced today that they've reached a verdict in only one of the six counts against the former senator from North Carolina.

Edwards is accused of using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress during his presidential campaign in 2008. They've reportedly reached a verdict on a charge of accepting illegal campaign contributions, but are deadlocked on the rest.


Edwards has been acquitted on the one charge the jury could agree on and a mistrial was declared for the other five charges. During a press conference after walking out of court, Edwards again says he did not break the law, but did commit a sin when he fathered another child with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, and attempted to hide the affair from his family and the public. Prosecutors now have to decide whether or not to retry Edwards on the five remaining charges.