The mother of a Marine who also a military K-9 trainer and handler says most people don't understand the relationship between the dog and its partners.

Linda Griffin says she learned so much from her son about that relationship, especially after her son's K9 was killed, although he didn't die in service, 'they were back in state,' she said.

Regarding some of the criticism regarding using a dog to enter a building or situation with a suspect who is armed, similar to what happened last week with FBI K-9 Ape in Herkimer, Griffin says: ''People don't understand, that's what these dogs are trained for. They love what they do.''

Do they treat them as partners?

''Yes they do. I don't think people are ever gonna understand it. The only reason that I do, is because of my son.''

On her family photos that include the dog. ''That dog is part of my family because he saved my sons life several times.''

Linda saw a Facebook question about 'How long does a dog typically serve?'

She says the answer her son gave to her: ''It usually depends on the dogs ability. If it can work 12 years it does, if it can work five years it does. When it retires, the dog is placed with or lives with his handler, but if the dog is too aggressive it is euthanized.''