Here’s a wrap-up of Wednesday’s Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX. Plenty of phone calls on the Education Open Forum at Whitesboro High School. We had a full panel on-air this morning.

Today’s VIP Club Gripe: Progress
We want progress; but when it's implemented, we prefer to avoid change.
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Gabby Cabby talking about the True Tales of New York City, including the story that a police officer was involved in the motorcycle gang attack on the family in the city.
Plus, the story of the father who was called by NYC School District because his son hadn't been to school in three months.  The father was shocked because his son died on a school field trip while under the supervision of the very same school.

Peter Franklin on Keeler:

AND- Peter was in a music video, watch below:


CVA Superintendent Coz Tangora, Dr. Rick Timbs of the Statewide School Finance Consortium, NYS Deputy Commissioner of Education Ken Flentz, plus parents and teachers.  The audio will be posted later...

Cosimo Tangora Audio:

Callers and Teacher Audio:

Dr. Rick Timbs Audio:

Ken Flentz Audio:


Utica Councilman and Comptroller Candidate Jim Zecca

Jim was on air and his opponent, Bill Morehouse called in as well.  Jim charged that Morehouse has ties to organized crime.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Morehouse calls in with Zecca live in studio segment 1:

Morehouse calls in with Zecca live in studio segment 2:

Morehouse calls in with Zecca live in studio segment 3:

Hospice Supporting Our Buy Local Campaign

Lauri Barr was in explaining how much local businesses and restaurants support local charities.

Bass Pro Shop Opens Today

With plenty of celebs and specials.  Joe called in from the store to give us an update.