Friday, December 20, 2013

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Rodman
Hometown of the Day:  New York Mills
Newsmaker of the Day:  Target
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The Duck Dynasty Controversy is a NON Issue

The liberals have dug in on one side, the Conservatives and Sara Palin on the other...yet, this is simply a case of a corporation protecting their brand and the holy dollar.

Glenn Beck on CNN Last Night

Called Chris Christy a FAT NIGHTMARE!

The Methodist Minister Defrocked

It's because he officiated his son's gay wedding. This is the story.  The wedding was six years ago...he's been suspended for 30 days.

 Brandon Lang's Picks for the Weekend

He has an amazing track record.  website  He says take Pittsburgh on Sunday over the Packers.

John Zogby

John looks at the year of the President and the cultural divide in America.

Apple Stunt is Getting Criticism

Ask Siri this question:  What is July 27th, 2014?  She'll give you an end of the world answer.  Here's a story.

Man Killed in Tractor Accident

Donations being accepted for the family of Wayne Johnson Sr. who was killed in a farming accent.  Donations can be sent to:  PO Box 185 Frankfort, NY 13340

OD story by Rocco DeLuca.

A Crazy Video of Why You Should Never Do Meth

As I watch this video, I have a problem with the father putting his kid close to this woman.

Watch it.

Christmas in the Valley Song to Benefit Young Scholars

Mark Werchowski wrote and sang the song back in 1991.  Now it benefits Young Scholars.

Buy the song here.