Today is Friday, September 13th, 2013

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Featured Photo:  Senator Joe Griffo, who is on to talk about a bill that could save local schools.

Gripe:  flashing lights

Is it really against the law to flash your lights to warn an oncoming driver of a police speed trap?

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.  Rob Weiner is a professor at Texas Tech and actually teaches a class on zombies.  He's a Friday the 13th expert.

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Willie Waffle's movie review this morning.

The Family, starring Robert DeNiro gets only one waffle.  Willie called it boring.

He gave Insidious -Chapter Two 1 1/12 waffles and said it is, "Too campy and too silly for its own good."

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The worst Customer service call ever.

We played clips of this on-air.  We've all been there (I guess I should speak for myself) when the customer service over the phone seems like an endless loop into a black hole; but, I'm not sure any of us have reached the boiling point in the call below.  Be careful...this is not for everyone.  I've posted two versions:  one is unedited with profanity.  ***THIS IS NOT WORK APPROPRIATE IN MANY WORK PLACES, NOR IS IT KID-FRIENDLY***

Here's the unedited version WITH PROFANITY.

[Beware- this is intense and includes profanity]

Here's a version where the profanity has been beeped out:

Justin Cortese on Sports.  This week, sports tributes on September 11th.

We all remember when the  world stood still on September 11th 2001, in fact, the sports world stood still for 10 days .

MLB was on hold until the 21st of September.  NFL opening day was postponed from the 16th to the 23rd.

Most believe that the return to the normal sports schedule was a return to normalcy for America.  So lets review some of the boneheaded commemorations that some sports figures felt inclined to share

Bobby Valentine, who was the manager of the Mets during the 2001 season, told CBS New York yesterday that the Yankees did nothing to help in the days following 9/11.  He then said his team was tired that September because of all the help they gave.  Google search revealed a few hundred thousand articles about the Yankees post 9/11 efforts.

The Lakers tweeted out a picture of Kobe Bryant from the 2001 season hastagged never forget.  I had to check and see if Kobe Bryant had died yesterday. 

The Knick’s JR Smith tweeted a picture of a 9/11 memorial and said “celebrate the deaths of the people on 9/11…. Somebody get that man a dictionary.

And University of Alabama asked all of its alumni and students to change their social media profile pictures to an iconic photo of former head coach Bear Bryant, to commemorate his 100th birthday.  As if nothing else important had happened on that date in the last hundred years.

That’s my take on sports this week, I’m Justin Cortese on WIBX 950.

Here's the audio:

Griffo and Vivacqua on School Plan

Senator Joe Griffo and Herkimer County BOCES Superintendent Mark Vivacqua were on the show on Friday talking about a new bill introduced by Griffo and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi that would allow a shared high school concept to save money for area schools.  The concept would mean students from, for example, three high schools would report to one central building.  There would still be three different districts; but, they would save money by operating under one roof.  Here's a link to the story.

Sports Picks for this Weekend

Brandon Lang, who was the inspiration for the 2005 film Two For The Money was on with sports picks for this weekend.  Mention WIBX if you call and get a bonus!
Here's his website for this weekend.

Symeon Celebrates Anniversary

Symeon's Greek Restaurant is celebrating their 40th Anniversary next month.  Symeon was on the radio talking about their history.  Click for details on how to win a cruise.