Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Hometown of the Day: Syracuse
Newsmaker of the Day:  Wallie Howard
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Utica's Meola Scandal

Should this have ever been public?  No.  Should it ever have made it to the news; well, that's a different question.  Here's my take.  We'll take calls through the morning.

Justin Bieber in the News

His house was raided in LA to search for evidence that he 'egged' a neighbor's house.  They found drugs and a friend was arrested.  Idiot.

Movie Theater Shooting over Texting

The retired police officer had an altercation last week with another woman yelling at her to stop texting in the theatre.  This weekend he shot and killed a man who was texting his daughter's day care center.

Peter Franklin Gabby Cabby on NYC

Peter has the best NYC tour...go to his website. Listen to Peter's True Tales of NYC.

 Sgt. Steve Hauck on Cyber Bullying

Do you think this website attacking Frank Meola over indiscretion constitute CYBER BULLYING?

His take on this is very interesting.  Especially on whether the police would ever get involved in retribution over a case like this.  That's what Mr. Torres claims he's afraid of.

What makes a story a story?

Journalism Professor Hub Brown is on from Newhouse at Syracuse University:

 A Big Hearing at Federal Court in Utica Concerning a Cop Killer

Onondaga DA William Fitzpatrick is on discussing the decreased sentence of a cop killer:

CENTRO Bus Tracker

What is it?  Tracking city transit...actually, that's exactly it.  You'll know when the bus is coming: