Monday, February 24, 2014

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Topics to Hit Today

-First openly gay athlete played in the NBA Sunday

-Syracuse loses to Duke, Boeheim goes crazy on a bad call

-Utica Comets almost hit .500

-Utica Pioneers win ECAC West

-A Terrible cow abuse story involving a man and another man with a camera

- A woman calls 911 because her waffles are raw

-A waitress was tipped $6600 for college tuition, and she wasn't enrolled


Syracuse Loses, Boeheim Ejected

Bob Roth gives his take on Syracuse.

Terry Pazdur is an NCAA Ref - Talking Syracuse Charge Call

Terry has 30 years experience and is on to talk about the call that ignited Boeheim on Saturday night.

Boeheim Press Conference

This was priceless.  Here's the end of the game, Boeheim's explosion and his press conference.

Woman Calls 911 Over Raw Waffles

Ron Moshier from the Utica OD

There's a ton of high school basketball (boys and girls) and high school wrestling this Thursday through Saturday.  Ron gives us a complete update.

Jimmy Joseph - Paralympic Games in Sochi

Jimmy will represent the United States in Curling.  He was in need of $800 to complete his drive to raise enough money to purchase a special 'Curling' wheel chair.  He's on air to announce the community came through.  Jimmy will be looking for his first ever Paralympic medal at the games.

Utica College Hockey Went 1-1 This weekend

What does that mean for the NCAA tournament?  They play in the conference tournament as the top seed this Sunday.  Will they make it to the NCAA for another year?
Coach Gary Heenan is on to answer the questions.