Monday, January 6, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Rodman
Hometown of the Day: Remsen
Newsmaker of the Day: Richard Hanna
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A rundown of what's happened over the holiday

Dennis Rodman is on his way back to North Korea (see the story in the 6am hour - crazy)

Weight Loss 'Pound a Thon' we're doing here at the station

There's a puppy farm in the news

'Orange is the New Black' is a series on Netflix and has local ties

Jack Kunkel's Weight Loss Challenge

Jack Kunkel work's at Paragon and is kicking off his weight loss challenge for Central New York.  It's $150 for 13 weeks and participants get their own customized weight loss program.  Get the details at his website.

Kim Jong Un's Uncle was Eaten Alive by Dogs

Denis Rodman should be careful.  Here's the story.

Sgt. Steve Hauck

Ask A Cop segment on our website:

Orange is the New Black series on Netflix has local ties.

Here's the story.

Dr. Wendy James on New Year's Resolutions

Can we keep them?  A study says that 70% of Americans keep their resolutions for 2 only weeks.  60% of people who sign up for gym memberships in January never show up after February.

Is there a Puppy Farm Locally?

Photographer Cara Messina took pictures and claims some of the puppies have been injured.  We have photos posted online.  Here's an in-depth story by Kristine Bellino.

Segment 1:

The Puppy Farm Conversation Continues

People are calling in, some from out of state, concerning this puppy farm.  The photos from Cara Messina, in Bill's opinion, don't show proof of abuse.  Reports claim that police and veterinarians have toured the farm and no citations have been handed out to the owner.

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

The Keeler in the Morning 'Pound A Thon'

We're doing a weight loss challenge of our own.  People can pledge per pound and all proceeds benefit Starting weights for Bill, Jeff and Andrew.

Congressman Richard Hanna is in Studio

There's much to discuss, from the debt ceiling to drones in Rome.