Monday, March 10, 2014

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Big Topics for the Day

Syracuse had a big win Sunday

The Comets hit .500 for the first time

A big High School Basketball and Hockey weekend

Utica College men and women lost over the weekend in hockey

A winter storm is on the way Wednesday

More news on the parents of the NJ Teen suing them

A woman admitted to mixing vodka with baby formula, the baby died

Terrible house fire in Utica- a child died

Bob Roth on Syracuse

'Cuse beat Florida State and looked like a winning team for a change.

People stuck in the middle of the system - Stephan

He called in this morning and said he was arrested again in Syracuse for calling in a bomb scare.


Ron Moshier on High School Basketball State Regionals:

Little Falls girls lost, ended season at 22-1.

The Proctor boys lost in Troy on Saturday, ending their season.

Meanwhile, 4 other local teams are heading to the Final 4-

Glenns Falls Final Four - Boys

New York Mils, Waterville boys

At Hudson Valley CC, Final 4

Notre Dame  and Hamilton

Dr. Christine Horner

Mammograms may not be the answer:

Caller and discussion about Dr. Horner's advice:

Utica College Season Ends:

Head coach Gary Heenan is on: