Thursday, March 20, 2014

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Hometown of the Day:  Fort Plain
Newsmaker of the Day:  Common Sense
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State Police told they can't take pictures of people protesting the mayor  (What are they taking the pictures for?)

City Council in Utica voted 9-0 against the budget- that means the Mayor's proposed budget goes into effect

Audio from Claudia Tenney on an Albany radio station ripping Congressman Hanna

A former U. S. Marine - homeless died after literally being baked to death in a jail cell.  Temps over 100 degrees.

 Vicki Montalbano of Mother Maryanne's Soup Kitchen

Talking about how much food and money was raised at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

City of Utica Republican Chair Joe Hobika Jr.

Called in on Utica budget vote last night.  The Council voted 9-0 against the budget in a symbolic move to basically say- things need to change.

Tax Expert- Less than a Month before Tax Day

Sandy Botkin give great tips on your taxes and answers the question, "Should you do your own taxes?"

City Budget

Councilman Ed Bucciero on air to explain their vote last night

Senator Joe Griffo on the State Budget

Talking about the budget at the state level.

Utica On Tap is This Saturday

John Naegele in on his craft beer of the day.

Councilman On-Air About Last Night's Vote

Councilman Joe Marino said the Council voted last night to take a stand against bad budgets.  He said even if the budget was cut, the city would just ignore it and spend over the budget anyway.