Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- NCAA Tourney Championship last night, UConn wins the National Championship

- A woman enters a McDonalds in Florida and trashes the place, while topless

- Weather a little cooler last night than expected.

- Meteorologist Jeff Mathews is no longer on TV, he's in studio later on.

- A 79-year-old substitute teacher quits over Facebook after given an ultimatum.


- Discussing the woman who went crazy in McDonald's and how to properly handle a situation like that. This woman was in the NUDE!

- Later on in the show we'll give Clark Howard's proof that the economy is getting better.

Ray Stagich and VIP Club Explanations

- We were going to have chocolate goodness courtesy of Bill's daughter, however Ali (Bill's wife) hid them!

- Diane called up and asked Ray Stagich a highly technical an involved question.


- Chris Christie's fired aide responsible for Bridgegate now working with the FEDs.

- Brief Benghazi Discussion

Jeff Matthew's In Studio For The Hour

- Clark Howard claims that the Economy is getting better. He's on from 9-11pm on our station and talks about the economy. One reason he says is because people leave their job without another.

- Jeff Matthews is no longer on the air with WUTR.

- Kevin James from Oneonta called in to talk with Jeff Matthews. Kevin has been influenced to take weather spotting classes. He is an official NOA Weather Spotter.Millibars Strike Again!

- Jeff talked about how much he loves this area despite some initial negativity. He enjoys incorporating people he's met into his broadcasts.

Continuing with Jeff Matthews

- Birthdays! Jessica Kavanah wins the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.

- Jeff discusses the generosity of people and how it's important to him to please and impress his customer, the viewer, before his boss.


- Denise calls to compliment Jeff and his scientific angle of the weather. Jeff says he likes to inform, educate and entertain.

- How accurate can 10 Day forecasts be? Jeff says it's all about trends.

- Scott called in to thank Jeff for being so personable and being so open with social media. He says Jeff is the reason people watched that News Cast.

What's Next For Jeff?

- Jeff shares more stories of the kindness of local Central New Yorkers and their generosity.

- He is overwhelmed by the connections he has made with people in his community.

- Jeff is not sure what will happen next but he is sticking around for a while, at least into the Summer.

Discussion of Social Media, Teachers, and A Whole Set of Problems

- Should young kids have access to social media? We discussed the story of the 79-Year-Old woman named Carol Thebarge who was given the ultimatum, "Compliance or Termination." She chose to not delete her Facebook friends or photos on Facebook of the students.

Some Callers Weigh In On Some Issues That Were Addressed Today

- Wayne is a first time radio caller. He is almost 65 and never calls up stations and has today. He called in to give his thoughts on Common Core

S.C. Sherman - Gun Control Issue

- S.C. Sherman is for the right to bear arms. He believes that people who are allowed to arm themselves could be better protected or safer.

- Not everyone will carry a weapon and nobody should ever know who is carrying hence concealed carrying.