Tuesday, March 4, 2014  Fat Tuesday!

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Ukraine is a Hot Bed- Putin Just spoke

Russian President Putin said they are justified because they are saving the people of Ukraine.  He said Ukraine has been the victim of an armed seizure of power and an anti-constitutional coup.

Rep. Steve King of Ohio on Gays Being Unverifiable

There was Jell-O involved with The Herkimer County Cow Story???

The Pope Actually Swore in Italian by Mistake

Here's the story.

 The Ukraine and the President

Richmond reporter Ryan Nobles talks about how the President has handled Putin.

Pollster John Zogby on the Ukraine

The President's handling of the crisis.  Is this an example of his failed foreign policy?

She Blew Up the Fay Street Warehouse

Christina Valenti is said to have had a BLAST!  Sorry.


Tax Season

Some tips from expert Sandy Botkin

New Jersey 18 Year Old Left the Parents Home- Now Wants Them to Pay

This story goes to court today.  The parents say they want her back, she doesn't want to come back- so she wants them to pay.  Thoughts on this one?

The Boy Who Touched People with a Donation

This 8 year old boy in Toledo, Ohio found $20 in a Cracker Barrel partaking lot and his mom said he could buy something.  Instead, he gave the $20 to a soldier in uniform at the Cracker Barrel.  Pretty mazing story.  Tiffany Eckert is the mom and she's on the radio.