Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Larry David
Hometown of the Day:  Fort Edward
Newsmaker of the Day:  Richard Hanna
This Day in History:  click here   Today is National Poinsettia Day

A Utica Woman - Frances Frazier Had Her Christmas Gifts Stolen

We ran this story and spoke with Frances Frazier who was in tears.  Within minutes- The people at Nora's Candy Shop in Rome donated a case of Turkey Joints to auction, another woman donated $100 for Frances and an anonymous donor gave her the $500 that was stolen.  Amazing.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Eric Snowden

Is he a traitor?  Even though this federal judge deemed the NSA collection of random phone numbers unconstitutional.  I say he became a traitor the moment he started sharing secrets with foreign countries.

Congressman Richard Hanna

Named a Children's champion.  House passed the budget, Senate expected to do so.

A listener asked about gas prices and ethanol.

The Congressman took phone calls, a few of them heated over the recent budget.  He actually gave out his personal cell phone number and said those people can call him.


Tom Heiland from Utica Mack in Studio

Tom and his son, TJ,  were picking up toys yesterday.  An awesome job by Utica Mack, New York Sash:

Mega Millions Drawing is Tonight

600 Million!!!

The odds of winning - brutal.  Check out this story from NY Post.