Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Scalping
Hometown of the Day: Kirkland
Newsmaker of the Day: Energy Drinks
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Do you have $20,000 Hanging around?

You could go to the Superbowl.  Ticket scalpers are getting big dollars.  Here's the Ticketmaster ticket exchange.

The Weather Channel On Air

Ray says places like New Orleans and Atlanta will have winter weather today.  AND- they were all worried about the Superbowl in New York!  It looks like it will be in the 40's this Sunday for the Superbowl in New Jersey.

McGills Fire - Nobody Injured - But, It's a Total Loss

Friends say Mark Rende had just remodeled the place.

Kim Jong Un Killed His Uncle

And now we hear, he killed all blood relatives of his Uncle, as well.  They say the Uncle was looking to overthrow his 31-year-old nephew:

The Keeler in the Morning 'State of the Union' Office Pool

How many times will Joe Biden clap in the wrong spot, what color tie will the Prez wear, etc.  A chance to win from Charlie's Pizza and WIBX.

Pollster John Zogby on the State of the Union and Abortion

A poll out there says that 74% of likely voters think abortion is morally wrong.  Does that mean that 26% of them are for abortion?

 Here are the Office Pool Questions for our State of the Union Contest

A chance to win a $50 gift card for Charlie's Pizza- maybe for a Superbowl get-together - or for use at any time.

Person who gets the most right wins:

1.) Length of speech:  (person who comes closest)

2.) Color of Obama’s Tie:

3.) How Many Times will Vice President Biden Stand and Applaud (from opening word to closing):

4.) Will he say (pick as many as you like, but incorrect erases a point):

A.   It Won’t Be Easy

B.   Defining Moment

C.  Benghazi

D.  Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

E.  Obama Care

F.   I Like Marshmallows

G.  Sit Down and Shut Up

H.  (A self comparison to Nelson Mandela)

5.) Will a Heckler Interrupt the Speech?

6.)      How many times will both Republicans and Dems Stand and Clap.

7.)      Will Obama say Devastational.

Conservative Party Committee Chair

Mike Long is on, who is asking for an apology from Governor Cuomo following his WCNY comments.  Here's what Cuomo said:

And, the conversation moved to the issue of fracking in New York: