Today is TUESDAY, September 17th, 2013

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Keeler's Gripe today is simple.  Evil.  What could inspire someone to walk into a building and starting shooting innocent people.  How can a person justify something like this? It's impossible to understand.


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Homeless Guy Finds Cash

And he turned it in!  Here's audio:

 America's Got Talent Comedian On-Air - Taylor Williamson

One of the comedian finalists on America's Got Talent, Taylor Williamson, is on Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday at 7:20.  See his video above.  Very funny, dry sense of humor.


8:10  Brenda Episcopo - United Way

The new campaign is underway.  Brenda is in with Keeler.  She can also talk about being in the audience at America's Got Talent with leon Etienne and Romy Low.

Saving AM Radio:  FCC Commissioner Speaks With Keeler

On Air:  FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai talking about what it takes to save AM Radio.  Here's a guy who is a radio fan, who just so happens to be a commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission.  Read about him in the New York Times.