Tuesday, December 18, 2013

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Mega-Millions
Hometown of the Day:  Brant
Newsmaker of the Day:  David Cunniff, a sad story of the NYS Trooper killed on the Thruway yesterday.
This Day in History:  click here

Mega-Millions Jackpot Over 600-Million - One Winning Ticket

One ticket sold in California and one in Georgia.

8, 20, 14, 17, 39, and 7 were the winning numbers.

Peter Franklin the Gabby Cabby

Coats, More Coats and the Subway.  Great story about a blind man falling onto the Subway tracks.  The train ran over them and they survived!  Here's the story.

The Voice Had a Winner Last Night

This is the program that featured our own Shawn Smith of Boonville.  The show finally had a winner last night: Tessanne Chin.

Andrew's George Bush Sings the Christmas Hits

Here it is:  

The Keeler WIBX Toy Drive Closes with Awesome Numbers - Thank you!

Time Warner Cable is in studio with the winner of the School Challenge.  AND- we'll announce the totals of cash raised after all of the toys were delivered...that's after the Time Warner picks ups by Utica Mack and Dave's after the New York Sash Teddy Bear Toss and our broadcast from Raspberries.  Collected:  Just shy of $8000!  And the winner of the school challenge was Proctor.

Utica City School Teacher's Union Walked Away from $2.5 Million  -  Why?

Here's the story from the Utica OD.

Utica School Board President

Chris Salatino said he's baffled!  Audio to follow:

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Talking about Animal abuse and Utica Schools.
"He says he's "sick to his stomach" over the union passing up a $2.5 million grant.
Brindisi's forum is at MVCC at 6pm tonight.  Here's the story.
Ilion Police Looking for Suspects

Mighty John The Record Guy

Do you have records that you think might have value?
John is awesome.
His website has a great deal of information.