Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Wednesday, December 4th.

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Syracuse Basketball with a big win over Indiana last night

A woman is fighting a traffic ticket after she was charged wearing google glass

A Rabbi is suing to get his Frequent Flyer Miles back

The Monticello Mayor is in trouble.  Arrested for DWI.  Here's a video of him being racist with police officers.  (Graphic- NOT WORK FRIENDLY)

Here's raw video after the Mayor pleaded not guilty

Common Core: The Superintendent of Rome Schools

Jeffrey Simons talking about Common Core and Nano Tech.

Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri on Air

The Utica Mayor to discuss the Canal Corp and the Harbor Project.


Donation to the Keeler WIBX Toy Drive Auction

Kim Hines from Lennons W. B. Wilcox Jewelers

A shirt that prevents Odor

Nikhil Mehril has developed an odor-free shirt and he needs funding

Intern Jordan McKnight talking About Christmas Specials

Audio to follow.  Rock Center Christmas Tree Lighting show is on tonight.  Also Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

Natalie Prosin is executive director of the Non-Human Rights Project. They want chimps to be classified as 'persons'.

What do you think of this story? Read it.

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Remember the woman who was attacked by the chimpanzee.  Her face was actually ripped off by the chimp.  Terrible.  Here's the 911's graphic!