Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Erin Hamlin!!!

She won the Bronze!

Tom Brokaw Has Cancer

He's been getting treatment and says he will require.  Myeloma, bone cancer.

State Board of Regents Votes to Delay Common Core, BUT...

The teacher evaluation delay was taken out...until April, at the very least.

Flappy Bird App Discontinued - Causes Craziness

iPhones with the app on them were selling for so much money, as much as $100,000, that eBay put a limit on, according to the USA Today:

Common Core - and a Lawsuit Against NY

The NYS Regents adopted the plan to delay parts of Common Core on Tuesday, but took out the relief for teacher evaluations.  Meanwhile, a group in NYS is suing the state because not every kid gets a basic education in New York.

NFL Prospect Michael Sam Story Texted his Father About Coming Out

We had a guy on who is gay, talking about Sam's move and the fact that he informed his father that he was going public, via a text.

Photo: Kristine Bellino, WIBX

Erin Hamlin's Uncle, Ray Hamlin

Erin's uncle, Ray Hamlin, is in to talk about Erin's huge day yesterday.

NYS Dept. of Education Deputy Commissioner Ken Slentz

We're talking about the Common Core delay, teacher evaluations and a lawsuit against NY when it comes to a fair and equitable education.

A Beatles Reunion Almost Happened in Syracuse - in 1971

David Ross was there and has the story.  He's on air talking about that amazing day in Syracuse.  What a story!  It was first featured in the Post Standard.  Check out the video below as everybody gathered at Hotel Syracuse afterwards and performed in the lobby, including John, Yoko, George, Ringo, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and many more.