Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is:  Black Ice
Hometown of the Day:  Albany
Newsmaker of the Day:  Jesse Ventura
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More News on Remington

Alabama paid a lot of money to get Remington.  Here's the updated story.

Ice Creep - What a video and look at the power of nature

This video is a few years old.  It's been given a new life and is being circulated again.  It;s amazing.  Warning: There is some swearing towards the end

Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin and His True Tales of NY

He has the best tour in NY.  Check out his website for details.

 Congressman Richard Hanna

DFAS and Remington - big news to discuss.  Fear of losing jobs.

Jesse Ventura is On the Air

Talking about his tv show and the fact that he's hiding from drones.  We'll also talk to Jesse about Remington and the NY Gov.   His tv show airs at Ora TV.

Follow Jesse on Twitter- @GovJVentura

 Senator Jim Seward on Remington

Jim will give us the latest on talks with Remington and how they reacted to Governor Cuomo.

Sitrin Wheel Chair Curling at Sochi

Mark DePerno will discuss the upcoming Olympic games and the local people that will compete.

Black Guy Vs. White Guy Auto Theft Experiment

This is a very interesting story.