Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: lead foot
Hometown of the Day: Frankfort
Newsmaker of the Day:  dogs
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The Puppy Farm Resolution

The owner of the dogs was allowed to keep some of the dogs...and authorities said there was no evidence of abuse or harm to the animals.  The owner was charged with an Ag Department violation.  Here's the complete story on the incident.

Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin

Talking about a stint in jail.  True.  He has a gripe about phone calls, that totally makes sense.  Why are the calls so expensive.  Here's a story in the NY Times.  The FCC now is preventing third party companies from gouging people when providing phone service for the prison system.  Still...

Peter has the best tour in NYC.  Check his website for all of the details.

Black Ice is Caused by Exhaust Coming from Your Car's Tailpipe

Clearly, that's not true.  Watch this video.

MMA Fighter Might Be Charged

Wasn't he just defending his home?  Here's the story.

In Studio - Matt Episcopo

How to make money.  Life skills and illusions.

Radio Veteran Hank Brown Retires

Hank is on the air at 7:50

Cuomo Legalizing Pot Today?

Wesley Chapman is on-air to discuss Cuomo's move.

The Governor's State of the State is Today

Senator Joe Griffo is on to discuss his thoughts in advance of the Gov's speech.

Colgate University Hockey is HOT right Now

Head Coach Don Vaughn is on.

The Utica Comets Update

Mark Caswell is on.