Today is Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

This Day in History:  click here

Gripe:  Skunk

Here's the 911 call from Zimmerman's wife.  The two recently split.

Yesterday was Primary Day

Zecca and Vescera both won their Democratic Primaries.

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Best Prank Ever:  The Twerk prank

You might have recently seen a story about how Twerking can result in fire.

Watch the video here, as Kimmel exposes that the video of the girl who caught fire while Twerking , is a hoax from his show.

A guy Who Lost 245 Pounds, Naturally

His name is Marlon Gibson and he's on the air at 6:15.  Check out his story and photos here.

Marlon Gibson on First News with Keeler in the Morning:

Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin

Looking back on 9/11, from a NYC perspective.

Here's a link to his page, showing the NY Times front page on 9/12.

The Gabby Cabby looks back on 9/11 twelve years later:

Congressman Richard Hanna on Military Action

And President Obama's address to the nation

Pollster John Zogby

Talks about President Obama's performance in this latest political debacle.

Obama's grade last week, an 'F', says Zogby.

Full interview:

Legislator David Gordon

Claims wrongdoing at polls yesterday

Happy Anniversary

Bagel Grove is in celebrating their 25th.

New local Book

P.W. Creighton is in studio.  His book is about the paranormal world.