First News with Keeler in the Morning is giving listeners the chance to share their Powerball ticket winnings this weekend; that is, if there are any!  Keeler has been giving listeners the chance to join in on their Powerball winnings for the last 3 drawings, including this weekend's better than half a billion dollar jackpot.

Kristine Bellino

Here's how it works: Keeler takes  callers on-air and asks them to select their Powerball numbers.  Powerball picks include five numbers from one to 59 and a Powerball number from one to 35.  Keeler then buys a ticket using those numbers and promises to share any winnings on those particular numbers with the caller, Jeff Monaski and Kristine Bellino.  Each would share 25% of the winnings after taxes.

"We thought it would be cool to team up with listeners and give them a chance to participate in our morning show pool," said Keeler.  "I also figured we would take the complete ride on this jackpot and continue to play everybody's numbers until this jackpot is finally won."

That means Keeler keeps playing the numbers of people who call in, until this jackpot is won by someone.  It all started last week for Saturday's drawing when the jackpot was over $250 million dollars.  Four contestants joined in with numbers then and when nobody won the jackpot, the show included them in the next drawing.

"We'll keep buying their numbers until someone finally wins," said Keeler.  "If their numbers win a prize, they'll get 25% of the winnings after taxes."

  1. This drawing's contestants:
  2. Dennis Doughtery,  Donna Dellanno,  Lisa Carpf,  John Carroll, John Starsika, Scott Blanchard,  Scott Duck,  Heidi Mantelli,  Rick Compton,  Dick Larkin,  Francis Burke




Official Rules
Contestants call 736-0186 and Keeler selects the correct number caller.  That caller gives their Powerball numbers and Keeler plays them until this current jackpot, which has now grown to more than $500 (m) million, is won by someone and reverts back to it's normal starting point.  If a contestant's numbers win a prize, Keeler will split that prize (after taxes) with the caller, Jeff Monaski and Kristine Bellino.  The contest ends when someone wins the jackpot run.
Each contestant in Keeler's Powerball contest is assigned a Powerball ticket. Each contestant is entitled to 25% of the winnings from that ticket only.
WIBX, Townsquare Media and its employees, agents and sponsors are not responsible for incorrect Powerball numbers, unplayed Powerball numbers, miscommunication, or lost Powerball tickets in relationship to this contest.  WIBX and Townsquare Media reserve the right to play numbers that are different from what the contestant provided over the telephone at the time that they entered the contest.
WIBX and Townsquare Media reserve the right to terminate this contest without any notice prior to any Powerball drawing.
 All additional Townsquare Media and WIBX Official Contest rules also apply to this contest.
Example 1:  if someone wins tonight's big jackpot and the contestant's ticket is not a winner, the contest ends.
Example 2:  if no one wins tonight's jackpot, and the Powerball jackpot continues to grow, Keeler will play their numbers on the next scheduled drawing.
Example 3:  if one contestant in Keeler's contest wins because their numbers were drawn by Powerball, that does not entitle any other contestants whose numbers were not drawn correctly, to win a prize.  Only contestants whose 'assigned ticket' wins, is entitled to any winnings.