Obama in Syracuse

WIBX will have complete coverage this evening.

Gripe of the Day


Assemblyman Marc Butler Talks Remington Arms

Butler says while the recent story about Remington is a concern, it is not a crisis.

Ed Hanna on 60 Minutes, a Blast from the past

Here's the story:  here


Utica Councilman Frank Vescera Rebuttal Following Morehouse Comments

On at 7:37.  This whole story is a big mess.

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Pollster John Zogby

There is a lot to discuss!

"Revolutions are the stuff of historical romance, except that they are ugly. Egypt will get worse; Syria is already worse; Tunisia is on the verge; Pakistan and Yemen are terrible. And poor, poor Iraq. What's a president to do? This is the New World Order -- and there appears to be little role for a superpower on its downward slope."

Here's Zogby's grade, a D-Plus for Obama.

Ed Welsh is on Talking Motor Fest Saturday at Vernon Downs

Motor Fest. It’s tomorrow at Vernon Downs:

  • Weather should be great
  • FREE admission
  • See hundreds of classic cars
  • Live bands – Tim Creaser, Joe Angerosa, etc.
  • Food, fun

Fritz's Polka Band

In Studio

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Herkimer County Legislator Gary Hartman

On air to discuss the Democrat minority on the Legislature.  He says, they don't get to participate.

 Dateline NBC is on the air

Preview: 'The Rescue of Hannah Anderson'

  Dennis Murphy reports on the kidnapping and rescue operation of Hannah Anderson.

Dennis Murphy is on with Keeler.