Obama in Syracuse

WIBX will have complete coverage this evening.

Gripe of the Day


Assemblyman Marc Butler Talks Remington Arms

Butler says while the recent story about Remington is a concern, it is not a crisis.

Ed Hanna on 60 Minutes, a Blast from the past

Here's the story:  here


Utica Councilman Frank Vescera Rebuttal Following Morehouse Comments

On at 7:37.  This whole story is a big mess.

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Pollster John Zogby

There is a lot to discuss!

"Revolutions are the stuff of historical romance, except that they are ugly. Egypt will get worse; Syria is already worse; Tunisia is on the verge; Pakistan and Yemen are terrible. And poor, poor Iraq. What's a president to do? This is the New World Order -- and there appears to be little role for a superpower on its downward slope."

Ed Welsh is on Talking Motor Fest Saturday at Vernon Downs

Motor Fest. It’s tomorrow at Vernon Downs:

  • Weather should be great
  • FREE admission
  • See hundreds of classic cars
  • Live bands – Tim Creaser, Joe Angerosa, etc.
  • Food, fun

Fritz's Polka Band

In Studio

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Herkimer County Legislator Gary Hartman

On air to discuss the Democrat minority on the Legislature.  He says, they don't get to participate.

 Dateline NBC is on the air

  Dennis Murphy reports on the kidnapping and rescue operation of Hannah Anderson.

Dennis Murphy is on with Keeler.