Friday, July 11th, 2014
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Newsmaker of the Day: Boilermaker Road Race
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***Today’s Topics***


- We start off the day talking about the weather and the possibility of colder temperatures.

- Boilermaker music to run to is an important thing to get a runner through the race.


- Jeff shares his thoughts on people who walk during the Boilermaker.

- Keith the Paper Guy calls up to give his song "Running On Empty" by Jackson Brown which leads to a discussion of the Forrest Gump soundtrack and other movie soundtracks.

- Barack Obama gives a speech addressing John Boehner wanting to sue and impeach him. He quotes "The Departed."

- A suspected shoplifter in a mall in Baltimore was fleeing from mall security and the man jumped into a sediment pond and he drowned.


- We continue the movie soundtrack discussion and Bill talks about different lists that are put out ranking songs, movies, soundtracks, etc.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his weather forecast and speaks out against the "polar vortex."

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- We talk with Willie about movie soundtracks and the big movie coming out this weekend, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Tom Heiland and His Daughter Stephanie - Boilermaker Post Race Party

- We continue the discussion of songs to run and not run to for the Boilermaker.

- Bill gives his 3 songs to NOT run to.

- Tom talks about the Post Race party and his daughter Stephanie talks about the entertainment as well.

- Stephanie also gives the list of food items and supplies that will be at the Post Race party.

- Utica Mack also has a new sign with Mack's new logo and they are the first dealership in the nation to have the new sign with the new logo.

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker

- We start off talking to Tim about the weather and what we would do if the weather got really bad, like lightning, we'd have to follow the procedures of typical sporting events which is 30 minutes after the last boom of lightning and thunder.

- We would have to shelter people in the ECR building if that were to happen.

Tim Reed Continued

- We talk about things not to do for the race including ear buds and money because as Bill says people won't stop for water but for a $100 bill, no question.

- Also, the proper way to drink water is important.

- We talk security and special appearances.

- Tim gives his favorite soundtrack and his favorite song to run to is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

Jim Piccola - DOT

- We talk some storm damage before talking with Jim and Bill describes his Ash Trees in the backyard.

- There are a lot trees down in Central New York right now and Claim Solutions may be able to help and advocate for you with the insurance company. Call them 24 hours a day for help with your claim questions at 866-252-4676 or locally at 797-5400.

- Jim doesn't see any problems with the construction and Boilermaker but we talk about the road closures for race day. Mainly a lot of the ramps will be closed and shut down.

- Jim gives a route for parking and returning to the finish line. If you go inner-city and not the major roadways you should be good.

- Things should be up and running as soon as the command center gets the okay.

Cathi Banks - Travel Expert

- Cathi talks about how vacationer's are vulnerable to scams.

- One scam includes a Craigslist home that doesn't exist, cab drivers driving off with your luggage, and credit card number theft.

- Cathi gives tips on how to avoid the scams and be careful.

Ryan Chalmers - Paralympian Wheelchair Racer

- Before we talk to Ryan about his journey we talk about the latest episode of Plate Night! It's PK's Pub in Herkimer. Check out the latest episode on our website.

- Ryan Chalmers is a native of Rochester, NY and he rode his racing wheelchair 3,300 mile from California to New York. He did it in 71 days.

- We talked about his journey.

- JoJo gives us his gambling picks for the Boilermaker.

Dusty Staub - Workplace Culture Expert

- A provisional study has shown that states who raise the minimum wage will help with job growth.

- Economists talk about concrete costs and opportunity costs.

- Higher wages and benefits for part timers can bring quality service and quality employees.

- We get a couple more last minute songs to run to.