Friday, May 9th, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Meghan Welker is the owner of The Last Tangle Hair Salon and she will be In Studio today to wrap Andrew and grow Bill some hair.

- Mother's Day is coming soon and Kristine's ideal gift would be a nap!

- The Draft began yesterday and Johnny Manziel didn't go quite as early as expected. - Openly gay draft prospect Michael Sam does his first endorsement. He did a Visa commercial. - Donald Sterling caught on tape again, only this time talking to a friend about the situation and him denying the fact that he is a racist. Could it have been a setup?


- Despite the bleak forecast there was some early sunshine. Mosquitoes are limited.

- Claudia Tenney was on Neil Cavuto last night and the Bob Loundsbury show in Syracuse.

- U.S. Citizenship test questions were asked to average Americans who were natural born citizens. They had a really hard time answering any of the questions including, "Who is the Vice-President?"


- NRA endorses Richard Hanna and Carl Paladino endorses Claudia Tenney.

- Meghan will have the solution to hair growth, and her before and after pictures are great! Kristine reveals the secret to before and after photos.

- We discuss weight loss wrap Meghan will try on Andrew.

- Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel give his daily forecast!

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Before we got to Willie, Meghan Welker wrapped Andrew On-Air. This wrap helped Meghan lose 6 inches.

Neighbors - The frat moves in next door, and the new parents are going to war to stop the noise.  Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy Returns - Animated film with Dorothy returning to Oz to take on a jester who wants to rule the land.

Moms Night Out is playing in kind of a national release, but focused on the heartland, so no place in the city is playing it here, and they didn't show it to me.


- Andrew is running the Boilermaker for the Charity Bib Program to benefit Sitrin.

- Have you ever noticed, and how could you not, how much Presidents age from when they take office to when they leave?

- If you haven't already make sure you check out the first episode of Plate Night on our website right now. The first restaurant featured is "The Fairways" restaurant in Little Falls.

- Tom calls in to react to the wrap and hair loss discussion.

Meghan Welker - The Last Tangle

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- If you are interested in Growing your hair or taking inches off, Go see Meghan in New Hartford near Cavallo's or call 507-2880.

- She unwraps Andrew and we give one of the wraps away.

- Meghan discusses the hair growth pills which she knows work because her husband used it with success.


- Claudia Tenney and Richard Hanna discussion continues.

- Continuing with Meghan Welker and Bill gets his "Before" pictures taken.

- We measured Andrew and he didn't have too much of a change, but that was because of the saran wrap.

- This wrap helps with excess skin and fat, even if you work out.


- There is more hair on Andrew's stomach than Bill's head.

- The White House on lock down for the second time in three days yesterday. This last time was because someone scaled the building.

- New York City is turning the city pay phones into WiFi hotspots. This will be across all five boroughs.

- Donald Sterling claims he's not a racist. This call seems scripted. This is a stretch from the PR attempt.

Deb Richardson and Ryan Miller

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- They have teamed up to create a short film about Reverend Chauncey Goodrich. He is the man who saved the potato! He saved them right here in Utica.

- You can see the film by Deb and Ryan at The video is called The "Patron Saint of Spuds."

- This is a fascinating story and you have to watch this film:


- Remember to remember Moms and Grandmas this Mother's Day. It's Sunday. Jeff talks about his Mother's Day memories.

- The founder of Mother's Day would not have been happy with what the holiday has become. No cards, no chocolates, and no flowers.

Duncan Barrett and Jeff Monosso

- Duncan is the Chief Operations Officer for the Omni Housing Development on to talk about the Liberty Gardens housing projects in Rome. They are holding a ribbon cutting today and what's unique about these housing projects is they are energy efficient.

- Jeff Monosso is a FOX News reporter and he was on to discuss the Supreme Court decision out of New Hampshire which decided that a vanity plate reading "COPSLIE" was not illegal.

Wrapping Things Up For The Week

- Plate night debuted yesterday. Watch the restaurant and then go visit it in person.

- Bill's cooking discussed, some things are good and some are not, according to Allison.

- Listener Bill from New Hartford calls up to ask Kristine her age.

- Become a member of our Rewards Club for the chance to win the ultimate trip for you and 27 friends to a Yankees/Red Sox game.

Have A Great Weekend!