Monday, April 28th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Culture Fest took place yesterday and we had a great turnout!

-NBA Owner Donald Sterling caught on tape talking with his girlfriend and making very racist remarks. This recording sparks huge controversy.


- "60 Minutes" stories last night include a man from Great Britain is 104 years old today and saved close to 400 kids before Hitler could get to them.

- Another story on last night's "60 Minutes" was about our Nukes and technical problems that are involved with them.

- Discussion continues on racist comments made by L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

- Sterling's wife has a lawsuit against her wife's girlfriend for embezzling money. The embezzlement is in the form of gifts given to her by Donald Sterling.


- A cruise ship stopped in the middle of the ocean to pick up people that were traveling on barely a raft traveling from Cuba to America.


- Andrew's sister scored a goal in soccer yesterday and he was overly ecstatic to say the least.

- One woman is suing the parents of a child killed by her in a car accident. The woman who is suing claims that because their son was riding his bike in the dark and rain and she hit him, it caused her trauma.

- One woman in Pennsylvania stopped a bank robber by ramming his getaway vehicle with her truck. Who picks up the tab for that?

- Sarah Palin was at an NRA convention over the weekend and compared water-boarding to baptism of terrorists.\


- NASCAR fight on Sunday gets play by play from commentators.

- Bad storm hits the mid-west and tornadoes rock several small towns and kill people.

- We had a call from a listener today seeking a singles club. He did not want his name on air or to talk on air but we did some digging for him. One other listener called up to let him know that there is a singles night coming up in Rome, NY.

Singles Meet and Greet
Zion Church in Rome
May 17th, 2014 @ 6pm
Everyone Should Bring A Dish To Share

- A man in Australia experienced a real life "The Godfather" moment. He woke up to his horse's head attached to the hood of his car. It was apparently put there by his girlfriend.


- Chuck called in to give his concerns about the Green Mountain Pipeline Service in Whitesboro. He claims that whatever work they're doing is causing an odor in his home and on the streets.


- Chuck discussion Recap and really a recap of the entire hour. It had been a very interesting one.

Donald Sterling Audio

Denise Cavanaugh - Catholic Charities

- Mental Health exhibit opening on April 30th at the Stanley Theater.

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, April 30th 5:00 - 7:00 pm • Fine local foods & libations The Stanley Center For The Arts 261 Genesee Street • Utica, NY
$40 per person

Exhibit Runs:
Wednesday, April 30th – Sunday, May 25th Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11 am - 7 pm Saturday & Sunday 12 - 5 pm The Stanley Center For The Arts – Romano Room $5 Donation • 12 and under free

- Also, a listener, Bill, calls in to comment on Donald Sterling story.

Joseph Pagdal - Vietnam Veteran

- On to discuss his story and promote his book.

Jordan Karp - Adirondack Distilling Company

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/Townsquare Media

- On to promote their new white whiskey and talk about what puts certain liquors in certain categories.

Donald Sterling Conversation Continues

- Lawsuit by wife, name changes discussed, and audio from Sterling.