6am hour:

Alex Rodriguez is back in a Yankee uniform tonight!  Keeler's gripe of the day is Selig, as in, Bud Selig who made big threats and in the end caved.

A Sauquoit girl stars in a new national commercial.  Check the story here

Leon Eitienne and Romy Low of America's Got Talent will be on the radio later this morning.  Vote for them Tuesday night.  Here's the story and a special video from Leon.

7am hour:

7:10 am:  Alex Rodriguez will be back in a Yankee uniform tonight in Chacgo.

7:20-  John Zogby on keeler Giving the President a weekly score:

President Obama's new economic stimulus plan presented in three domestic trips was modest, but a good start to turning around a weak summer. But Obama needs to find a way to push the Weiner scandal off the front pages.

A week of trials and travails for any president. The 'New World Order' is not as uncomplicated as the Cold War. A resurgent Russia, led by a former wrestler and KGB-operative, flexed its muscles and decided to give Edward Snowden a one-year asylum. So Russia now supports transparency? Yikes!

Iran's new reform-minded president reminded us, on the eve of his inauguration, that 'reform' must mean different things there than here. And with the shuttering of embassies Sunday in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, U.S. officials reminded us that Al-Qaeda is still a major threat.

Back home, the unemployment rate went down but job growth was not what was expected and the numbers of Americans dropping out actually increased.

Finally, NYC cabbies are talking Weiners and Spitzers -- which is not fast food at Yankee Stadium.

The bottom line: the president's numbers are still upside down as he tries to drown out all this noise.

Grade -- C-

7:40-  Chris Anderson is the owner of the Valley Cinemas in Little Falls who says his theater  might have to close when hollywood movie distributors switch from film to digital delivery.  Anderson, on Keeler this morning, said it will cost more than $100,000 to replace the film projectors with digital equipment.

Read story and watch a video about the Go Digital or Go Dark campaign.

8am hour:  Talking Alex Rodriguez.  We have a sports attorney on:

Attorney Robert Romano is an experienced litigator and  contract attorney who has negotiated employment contracts, public appearance, endorsement & marketing and sponsorship agreements for coaches, professional athletes, entertainers, broadcasters and front office personnel.  He is a Course Coordinator at Columbia University in the City of New York, teaching “Beyond the Game: The Business of Sports www.RomanoOnSports.com

8:20-  Dave Rodriguez is a local guy and friend of Bill Keeler.  Dave had gastric bypass surgery on Thursday. He's already up and walking.  Dr. Graber did the surgery.

8:22-  Test Tube Beef.  Stem Cells taken from a cow...in a test tube they are able to create beef!  The burger is being taste tested today in Great Britain. Read the story.

8:37 am  LIVE!  Leon Etienne and Romy Low are local illusionists appearing tomorrow night on America's Got Talent.  They're asking for you to vote and they explain how!

Here's the story.


8:50 am  From MLB.com, Vince Gennaro on Alex Rodriguez.  We've had Vince on a few times before.  He specializes in the economics of baseball.  He tells all about the money side of this, from both ARod and Yankees standpoint.

Vince Gennaro, president of the Society for American Baseball Research and author of Diamond Dollar$: The Economics of Winning in Baseball

He recently worked in the front office for the Indians and recently became an MLB.com contributor.


Some Stories of Interest:

DIAMOND UNEARTHEDMURFREESBORO, Ark. (AP) — A Missouri man had a gem of a vacation. Steve Vehige found a 2.05-carat brown diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. He was on his fourth visit to the park when he spotted the marble-shaped diamond on Saturday. He’s calling his gem the “Flint Hill Special,“ after his hometown and the song by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. So far this year, visitors have found more than 325 diamonds at the park. The Flint Hill Special is the third weighing more than two carats found in 2013.BROKEN PARKING METERSLOS ANGELES (AP) — L-A drivers will be getting a break -- at broken meters. The City Council has voted unanimously not to ticket cars parked at busted meters. The L-A Times reports the action overturns the prior policy of issuing tickets. But it might not be much of a break. New meter technology sends a text message when the device isn’t working. Officials say repair crews are dispatched within about two hours.GEORGETOWN-MASCOTWASHINGTON (AP) — Jack Junior has flunked out of Georgetown. We’re not talking about a student but a mascot. Jack Junior or J.J. was slated to take over for the retiring Jack the Bulldog. Jack has been a fixture at Hoyas basketball games for years. J.J. has been the mascot-in-training for a year and a-half. But university officials say J.J. is better suited for a “home environment.“ The Washington-based school says its mascot tradition will continue, apparently with a different bulldog.LIGHTHOUSE FOR SALEBOSTON (AP) — It’s oceanfront property with a great view -- and a really bright light. Uncle Sam is selling a working lighthouse on a tiny Boston Harbor island. The Graves Island Light Station includes a 113-foot tower that’s a century old. It has space for two bedrooms and a kitchen, but no bath. The new owner won’t have to worry about working the light. It’s automated. As is the foghorn. The buyer will get the entire 10-acre island. The Boston Globe reports the current high bid is $101,000.NATIONAL AQUARIUM OVERHAULBALTIMORE (AP) — Sharks! But don’t worry it’s all part of the plan. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is completing one of the biggest overhauls in its 32-year history. A massive new centerpiece exhibit features 1,000 animals and 3,000 hand-sculpted coral replicas. This week, the aquarium added 20 new blacktip reef sharks. The $12.5 million renovation included repairs to the leaky central tank. The grand opening is set for a week from today.ELF BIKERESTON, Va. (AP) — Think Fred Flintstone’s foot-mobile -- with a 21st century twist. It’s the ELF bike, which combines pedal and solar power in a futuristic shape. Mark Stewart is driving and pedaling his ELF from the factory in North Carolina to his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started July 15 and figures it will take about a month. He covered the first leg, to northern Virginia in about five days. The car-bike hybrid can do about 30 miles per hour on combined pedal and electric power. It goes about 20 on electric alone. The ELF starts at five-grand.