6am hour-  Alex Rodriguez facing a potential lifetime ban from MLB

Bill speaks about the movie, The Conjuring, which he saw last night

Anthony Weiner is in the news today because he isn't in the news with anything new.

The Crazy for Rhubarb video might be the craziest video Keeler has ever seen.  It's R-rated because of profanity.  Click here to watch video and read story.

7am Hour:

It has been two months and two days since missing Utica child Levon Wameling was last seen. On Wednesday (July 31, 2013), Utica police and K-9 units moved to a wooded area in North Utica to resume search efforts, based on some kind of tip or information, according to Utica Public Information Officer Sgt. Steven Hauck.

Amy Warney, Baby Levon’s mom, spoke with Kristine Bellino:  click here for audio and full story

Keeler has an update on the burglary during his son's graduation party at his home one month ago.  Attorney George Aney has offered a $1000 cash reward and Pat O'Connor of A Moveable Feast has offered another $1000 in gift certificates to the person who gives information to police that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Studio 54 Disco Party at Munson Williams Friday, August 9th.

8am Hour:

Mike Sorensen- Discovery Channel Exec. Shark week. Mike is talking about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Evan Spencer is suing restaurants for forced gratuity.   He is suing the company that owns Applebees and Olive Garden  He is a NYC based attorney.

Spencer has brought a $5.5 billion class action lawsuit against Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and a number of other restaurants, saying a gratuity should never be automatically included.

 “If you want to raise prices, just raise the prices,” he said. “They’ll have an automatic gratuity in the price and then they’ll have a line for an optional tip, but a tip and a gratuity are exactly the same thing.”

Here's a question:  How do you tip?  Do you have a minimum, or is a penny NOT out of the question.

Keeler also talked about songs that people tend to use the wrong lyrics when singing.  A caller had an example:  Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival  The lyrics go: there on the bad moon on the rise.  Some people sing: there in the bathroom on the right.

There was no winner in Powerball last night so the jackpot goes to $290 million.