Thursday, June 12th, 2014
WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Joe Marino
Hometown of the Day: Lee Center
Newsmaker of the Day: Stewart's Shops

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***Today’s Topics***


- Stewart's Shop proposal voted down. Some people like the way things are the way they are and new


Lisa Lynn - Celebrity Health and Fitness Expert

- Lisa was Martha Stewart's personal trainer.

- We discuss diets like Medifast, she likes the structured diet but Medifast contains soy which is bad for men over 40. It could lead to temper tantrums and possible man boobs.

- Replacing a meal with a shake is an important way to lose weight.

- Losing weight is good, but losing belly fat is important as well.

- Lisa's Book is called "The Metabolism Solution" and you can get it at

- Visit Lisa's website at

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us a forecast that contains a little more rain, but a beautiful weekend on tap.

- Ray also discusses the difference between dry heat and humidity.


- A judge ruled yesterday that it is okay for his feeding tube to be removed due to the discomfort. This is such a sad story and a terrible way to die.

- Casey Kasem's wife does not have custody of Casey right now, he is with his children now and Casey's wife says the judge and everyone on the other side has ordered Casey's death.

- She claims that Casey was communicative and responsive, but last week he was moaning.

- A 17-year-old man in Connecticut was attacked by a 23-year-old woman because she thought the teen was using a remote controlled helicopter to videotape girls in bathing suits.

- She calls 911 about it and can't wait for the cops so she begins to assault him. In the end the kid was not taking pictures of bathers, but testing the camera.

Here is the Video (NSFW):


- Breaking News update: At the intersection of Route 5 and 233 there is a structure fire at a cement business.

- Stewart's Shops East Utica site has been voted down by the Common Council.

- This situation is definitely politically motivated and it's far beyond the residents of East Utica.

- The IKEA corporation is discussed. We play a little Truth or Crap of our own about IKEA business.

- IKEA is like a tourist attraction. People go there to take photos in front of the store.

Tim Julian - Former Utica Mayor

- Tim gives his reaction to the voting down of the Stewart's Shops project.

- He feels the current mayor should have been out in front of this selling it and fighting for it. He did not handle this appropriately and the Council picked it up.

- Joe Marino had to do what he did for his constituency.

- This is not the message we need to be sending with all the problems the city is currently facing. The anti-development message is ringing loud and clear after last night.

- Tim will most likely not be running for mayor again.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shops

- Bill is very let down and disappointed with Joe Marino and thought he was above all this, but he made a political stance.

- Now to Chuck: Chuck is disappointed and was a little surprised, but from the Stewart's perspective they did all they could to show the people that they would be good neighbors.

- Now they have a few options. They can do nothing, or they can scale down. There is the option of going to court but Stewart's does not do that.

- Fritz calls in to promote a plot of land in Verona where they would gladly accept and welcome a Stewart's Shop.

- Bobby O calls in to give his insight into the matter. He feels that it's not the best decision to, as he puts it, protect the slice and not the good of the pie.

Joe Marino

- Bill believes this was a decision made because it's personal, Joe debates him on that and says it's just not true.

- This argument could go back and forth forever.

Continuing with Joe Marino

- First we take a few calls from listeners including Ben. Ben's point is if Stewart's wanted to be so accommodating they should have stuck with the footprint that was there already. He likes Bill's rants and that's just Bill.

- Tom calls in to talk about the Rangers and lack of gas stations in Utica. Tom has the line of the show that he will go from Stewart's Shop to Stewart's Shop for the $0.50 ice cream cone.

Back to Marino:

- Joe reiterates the point that this is not political and if Chuck Marshall had just gone with the original footprint this could have been avoided.

Brent Axe - Frozen Dome Classic

- Brent is on to talk about the Frozen Dome Classic that will happen!

- This rivalry is awesome and the fact they only played 4 times last year helped solidify that.

- Brent talks about how busy the Dome is and how long the Crunch team has been trying to make that happen.

- He loves that the colleges are involved as well.

- Brent comments on the picture that he took of the arms crossed over the Comets logo.

- Read Brent's blog at

- Jim Zecca calls in to talk about the Stewart's situation. Jim believes that Bill is being negative.

- Comptroller Bill Morehouse calls in to express his disappointment. He feels it is all political no matter what everyone says. This does not move the city forward.

John Naegele - McCraith Craft Beer of the Week

- John brings in Ithaca Brewing Company "Casca Zilla." It's a Red IPA which starts out sweeter and then has the bitter finish. Great beer.

- Andrew likes it and he suggested the type of beer Naegele brought in today.

Kevin Miller - KIDO in Idaho (TSM Sister Station)

- Kevin is the Morning Show host for our sister station KIDO in Idaho. He has a personal connection with Bowe Bergdahl.

- We give an update on the Bergdahl situation.

- Kevin is on vacation in RENO currently and is speaking with us.

- Bergdahl has a personal connection with Miller. He once did a 150 mile walk in 7 days to raise awareness for Bowe Bergdahl.

- Kevin Miller gives a different perspective on the Bergdahl family and the whole situation.

- Is it right to pass judgement?