Today is Thursday, September 19th, 2013  The AGT contestant we had on the air this week, won America's Got Talent.

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Lexington is the gripe.  That's the city that is now looking for a single Powerball ticket holder who bought the ticket there at a gas station.  Maybe the gripe should be jealousy.  $425 (m) million dollars!

America's Got Talent Winner

We had him on the radio this week and he won the whole thing!

Kenichi Ebina was named the winner last night.

Newsmaker of the Day

Sgt. Hauck

The Gabby Cabby

Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin, was in rare form this morning.

He talked about Indians, Jews, Hispanics and more, all from America's melting pot.  The conversation was inspired by the Oneida's protest of the Washington Redskins.

Check out Peter's True Tales at his website.  Peter gives the best tour in NYC.  Details are at the website.

Sgt Steve Hauck of the Utica Police and Loud Audio

LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Haling Device) is the new tool UPD has to communicate in crisis situations.  They're in studio today showing us how it works and how loud it really is.

Post bit:  Amazingly, the radio studio walls are incredibly sound proof.  Still, we could hear it loudly in the studio.  BUT- not nearly as loud as we expected.  Somewhere out there I can see a radio engineer saying:  I told you these walls were soundproof.

UPDATE EXCLUSIVE:  The Dog Dragged by the Four Wheeler

This has been a big story locally, we have an exclusive this morning with a witness coming on air to set the record straight.

Her name was Nickie.  She said the whole story is a false accusation.  We'll post the audio later.

Kleenex:  The Flu Predictor

Anna Elledge was on with Keeler.  She's the brand manager for Kleenex and they're launching a new website that will predict the flu virus for areas three weeks in advance.

Here's the story:  click here

Who Shot JFK, really?

Bill says he could listen to Dr. Jerome Corsi all day long.  Unfortunately, the doctor doesn't feel the same way about Bill. Bill eneded up hanging up on the doctor after the interview went bad.  Cori's new book, "Who Really Killed Kennedy? The Ultimate Guide to Assassination Theories - 50 Years Later," explains his theory that it was the mafia that killed the President.  Here's a link to the book:  here