Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Rain can be expected for the rest of the week and dangerous and deadly storms continue in the mid-west and and down south.

- Shark-Nado!!! Anyone see this film? We don't believe the weather will get that bad, but is it possible that a shark could be caught up in a funnel cloud?

- Preview of what's to come on today's show.

- Cuban refugees picked up by Disney Cruise Lines.

- Don Sterling conversation continues and some are defending him.


- State St. ON Ramp going on to route 12 from Oriskany St. to the Auditorium is closed until 4pm today.

- One weather man in Mississippi stayed on the air until the last possible second while a storm was going on outside the studio.

- Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell get into a domestic dispute and are both arrested.

- Art Garfunkel topic came up and Bill reminisced about having him on the air talking about getting a hotel room if his family was sick.


- Craig Ferguson calling it quits on CBS Late Late Show.

- David Letterman/Stephen Colbert discussion.

- Continuing with Don Sterling.

Ray Stagich's Weather Forecast

- Weather is terrible in Midwest and South and for us, rain all week long.


- Don Sterling Classic Rock Album

- New possible technology discussed. It's by the company Famatic and it's a digital picture frame in which photos can be uploaded from another source so that grandparents and parents who are not knowledgeable with technology, can see pictures of grandchildren instantly.

- Indiana Pacers fans got mad at the home game and one fan was heard over all fans yelling at Paul George for traveling.

Sue Gleason

- Sue is a teacher in New Hartford who recently went on a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line and for the 2nd year in a row she witnessed refugees from Cuba trying to go to Florida. The ship took the people floating on basically a board raft on board the cruise ship.

David Gleason

Emil Paparella - Oneida County Legislator (R-23)

- Emil was on to talk about E-CIggs and he wants them banned on County property and it launched the discussion about E-Ciggs and what the FDA will ultimately say about it.

Thijs Suijten - CEO Of Famatic

- Invented a digital picture frame in which family members can upload photos from one location to the frame in another location. Great for grandparents or those who are not technically savvy.

Airline Prices and Fees Going Up!

- Airline fees going up and the discussion continued to include all ridiculous travel fees.

Michelle Minton

- Michelle is the Director of "Sindustry Studies" at the Competitive Enterprise Institute on to discuss online gambling and the fact that some are trying to ban online gambling.

Extinct Sounds Contest

- John won himself a Carmella's Gift Certificate by guessing (with a little help from Bill) the extinct SFX.

What Other Sounds Are Extinct?

- Bill plays some other SFX that are close to extinction and we have to guess.

Kevin Jackson - Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

- Kevin was on to discuss his stance on the Donald Sterling situation and gives the story angles from a liberal and conservative stance.