Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Nice day of weather yesterday. It was a little chilly and breezy at times, but warm enough.

- Jeff's ear-ringing leads to a discussion of ailments and Bill's back.

- Preview of what's to come today! Greece Supreme Court decision, Tim Reed, and more!

- Bill's "Oscar" gripe is a hat-trick gripe.

- In the wake of the Town of Greece Supreme Court decision about prayer at meetings, it got us thinking, is prayer appropriate anywhere including sports?

- The Abbotsford Heat are no longer going to be in Abbotsford and are moving to New York.

- Local Football Star Will Smith signs with the New England Patriots.


- Facebook exchange between Bill and a listener, Denise, addresses Bill's Benghazi stance and Claudia Tenney editorial in "The Daily Star."

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray from the Weather Channel gives us his daily forecast.


- Bill discovered a product that has been created to help cure constipation. It is not a chemical based pill, but it is a motion based pill.

- This led to the "Line of the Year" so far and that was by Kristine. She said when Bill was describing the product, "Like a Mexican Jumping Bean?"


- Plate Night Returns this week on all 4 Townsquare Radio websites this Thursday @ Noon. The premiere episode features "The Fairways" at The Mohawk Valley Country Club in Little Falls.

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Jeff's wife who works here at the station is doing The Ride For Missing Children and the discussion of carrying those through thresholds.

- Tim is talking about the Boilermaker BIB exchange program that is going on now.

- It's important to NOT RUN with another persons BIB.

- Many people have not been able to get a head start on the training and need to consider getting out there quick and start training. Even the elite runners are late getting started with their training.

- To access the Boilermaker BIB exchange website Click Here.


- There is a new Michael Jackson song out and we played it. It wasn't great. A little bit of a hip-hop and R&B mix.

- Even if his music is good is that enough to make up for the fact that he allegedly molested children?

- Usher has a new song too! If you care...

They Say It's Your Birthday...!

Happy Birthday to you:

  • Geremias de Souza from Utica.
  • Christy Tibetsfrom Utica.

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Town of Greece Supreme Court Decision

- We spoke with both Randy Gorbman and Bill Reilich about the decision. Randy works with public radio in Rochester and he gave his take on it. Bill is the Town Supervisor.

- The decision that came down is that prayer before meetings is not in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

- Bill Reilich talked about this decision and told us that the process for prayers before meetings includes signing up in advance to get your chance to lead the prayer before the meeting. There are no restrictions when it comes to denomination.


- Another NBA owner, Bruce Levinson, came out on CNN and said he could not do business with Donald Sterling anymore. He talks about Sterling as a partner in the NBA and he can't be partners with him. He came out in support of the NBA commissioner's decision to ban Sterling from the league.

- What is team to do? Fans will support the team if they decided to play. The team probably handled this situation perfectly, in addition the Player's Association.

Steve Bulger - President of Kids Oneida

- He was on to discuss the event they have coming up at the Stanley on Friday, May 30th at 6:30pm. It's called "Photovoice" and its an international movement which takes photography and art and allows children to express themselves using those outlets.

Ken Ayers - Lawyer For The Town of Manheim

- Before we got to Ken, a loyal listener named Tom called up and corrected Jeff on his use of the expression, "Love of money is the root of all evil."

- Ken represents the Town of Manheim in a matter regarding a company that wants to put in a Natural Gas Filling Station in their town. The proposed filling site is near a natural gas pipeline and the company wants to tap into it.

- Some people in the town are opposed to it, but the Town itself is making sure that the company goes through proper procedures and that everyone has their opinion heard.

Ben Mauro - Musician

- Ben is a native of Syracuse, NY and has played with Lionel Richie, John Fogerty, Brittany Spears, and Kelly Clarkson.

- Now he is back in town to perform some of his original music and give back to the community he grew up in.

- Ben was interviewed by Kristine for the WUTR show "Hello Central New York."