Utica, NY (WIBX) - A parental rights lawsuit brought on by former civil rights attorney Leon Koziol has been dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge David Hurd.

Koziol's lawsuit, with 42 causes of action, revolved around his belief that the family court system is setup to pit parents against one another, to the benefit of attorneys and the court system, and the detriment of children.

"Obviously, the judge decided [the system] is fine the way it is now, and missed many of my claims. Retaliation and other claims weren't even addressed properly. So, it shows to me that it was a select reading of my case, and one that, I suppose, I should have expected. But, not one that I'm going to give up on," Koziol told WIBX Tuesday.

New York's Chief Judge Jonathon Lippman, the enter state court system, Oneida County, New Hartford police, the commissioner of the New York's DMV and Koziol's ex-wife are just a few of the defandants named in the suit.

Koziol says the court's involvement in his own case, which altered an agreement he and his ex-wife, 'constructively terminated his fathering rights'.

Koziol's law license was stripped away for his failure to pay child support. The official court document notes that, in Koziol's dispute with his ex-wife, custody, child support and visitation issued remain unresolved, but he is currently making payments toward child support and arrears.

Koziol tells WIBX he plans to take his case to the Second Circut Court of Appeals in New York City, and, if neccessary, U.S. Supreme Court.