Albany, NY (WIBX) - Drivers convicted of three of offenses deemed "serious" by officials, such as driving while intoxicated or vehicular manslaughter, may lose their licenses forever.

If a bill being contemplated by both the State Assembly and State Senate passes, drivers' licenses would be permanently terminated for those who repeatedly commit such crimes.  The bill also proposes that those caught driving once they have been banned could get a felony conviction and face a sentence of up to four years in jail.

Senator Hugh Farley and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco sponsored "Three Strikes and You're Out" legislation earlier this year.  Last month Tedisco formally requested that Governor Cuomo and DMV Commissioner Barbara Fiala use executive privilege to put the program in place.  Farley and Tedisco are joined in their efforts by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, who are using the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend to renew their efforts to pass the legislation.