He says he will not be a one issue candidate, but there is one reason that he decided to throw his hat in the political ring.

Lawrence 'Larry' Cohen says it's his, and your, cable bill.

Cohen is running as a Republican in Utica's fourth ward - a seat currently held by Democrat Joseph Marino.

''The cable bill goes up and up and I wanted to find out about it. Turns out my councilman is in charge of the committee that is in charge renegotiating a contract with Time Warner. A contract that has expired well over three years ago,'' Cohen said.

''I feel that the rates we're paying are much too high. And, keep in mind we are one of the poorest cities in the state, I think we're number two next Elmira. And to make the resident pay the burden of new technology just to satisfy the shareholders is a big mistake.''

''We as Uticans should not just be handed this and say it's Time Warner take it or leave it.'' Cohen says while some have suggested to him that he look into a satellite provider, he says he doesn't want to drill holes into his home, adding that many others don't either. And, he says where he lives prohibits him from getting a dish anyway, he said.

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