Utica, NY (WIBX) - As he woke up from being hit in the head with a steel door, Chris Hotaling had no idea what was going on; in his mind, everything had been erased.

The freak accident in 1999 turned out to be a traumatic brain injury, forcing him to re-learn nearly everything in his life.

Today, Amy and Chris Hotaling were at Utica College to discuss how they learned to move forward, and to offer support to others who may be suffering their own trauma.

"It's very difficult, 24/7, to work and work and work, and believe that things can get better," Chris Hotaling said. "I can understand that first hand. It's very difficult and not everybody seems to say they are able to do it. But, I believe that there's potential in everyone."

The UC graduates now operate Aspire Place, a counseling and adjustment company in Peoria, Arizona, and have written a book documenting their journey called "Learning to Live Again... A Day At A Time." For more information, visit their website here.